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Equifax Breach

Equifax Breach: What You Need to Know

See if You Were Affected
Equifax setup a website so you can see if your information was involved in their breach. If you were, they offer a year of free monitoring.

Other ID Monitoring Service Options:

(800) 416-0599 

Experian ID (866) 541-6913 

Identity Guard (877) 505-7054

PRO TIP: Put a Password on Your Account
Ask your financial institutions to put a password on your account so anyone who calls requesting information on your account would have to have the password. Make sure it's nothing that could be figured out with information from a data breach, or information available on your social media or any other online source.

If they don't offer a password option, ask what information they use to verify identity. You can change non-critical information like your mother's maiden name to something nonsensical that only you would know. Just be sure to remember what you change it to, or you may be unable to access your account in the future.

Best Practices to Protect Your Identity

  1. Close unused lines of credit (note: this may have an impact to your FICO in the short term, if the your average age of all of your open credit lines drops significantly)
  2. Monitor all of your accounts closely - mobile banking apps are great for this - and quickly report any unusual activity.
  3. If you see unusual activity on one account, it's a good idea to alert your other financial institutions.
  4. You can put a fraud alert with all three credit bureaus (Experian, Transunion and Equifax).

Arrowhead Fraud Team
We are here to help! You are never responsible for fraudulent activity on your account. If you suspect fraudulent activity on your account, call us at (800) 743-7338.

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