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Pacific Federal Credit Union Members

Hello Welcome
Pacific FCU
Coming June 1
About Us


Welcome to Arrowhead. Meeting our members' financial needs not only means warm, neighborly service but also the reward of expanded products, services, technology, and state-of-the-art security.

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*Please note that by providing this email address, this does not update your account profile, and only subscribes you to merger email notifications and updates.



Coming June 1

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Access to all Arrowhead Branches
As of June 1, you will have access to all Arrowhead branches.
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Instant Issue Cards
Need a replacement card? Just visit a branch, and we can issue it on-the-spot.
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Free Bill Pay
Pay your bills in online banking, with no fees.
Mobile Wallet
Pay online and in stores, with Apple Pay®, Google PayTM, or Samsung Pay®.
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Mobile App with Mobile Deposit
Bank and make deposits from your Apple or Android device.
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Updated Online Banking
New features that will give you more control of your money.


General Questions

How will I know what’s coming next?
You will receive two key mailings with your updated account info (make sure Pacific FCU has your current mailing address). For the most up-to-date information, you can sign up to receive email updates and check this website – it will always have the latest information.

Will the branch remain open?
Yes, the branch will remain open.

Will my member number be the same?
You will receive a new Arrowhead account number, when your account transfers over, this summer.

Will my direct deposit need to change?
No. We will set it up on the backend so any direct deposits to your Pacific account will automatically reroute to your new Arrowhead account.

Will I receive new checks?
If you have a checking account at Pacific, you will automatically receive 8 Arrowhead starter checks, about two weeks before your account converts, so you will have them on day one.

If you would like to order a box of checks, once you have your Arrowhead account, let us know and the first box is on us.

When will my account convert to Arrowhead?
We are planning for conversion this summer. You will receive information on your specific account via mail as the date nears.

We also recommend signing up to receive updates via email.

Why merge with Arrowhead Credit Union?
The CEO and Board of Pacific FCU met with Arrowhead and thought we were a great fit. Arrowhead has been in Southern California for nearly 75 years, has an extensive branch network, up-to-date technology, and a passion for service.

About My Membership

Do I need to pay a membership fee?
No, you will automatically become an Arrowhead member and will not need to pay a membership fee.

When will I receive my Arrowhead account information?
About two weeks before your account converts, you will receive a mailing with your account numbers, starter checks (if applicable), and helpful tips on setting up your mobile app and online banking. Please note, while you will have this information, you will not be able to take any account actions until the official conversion date.

Did the merger affect membership eligibility?
No. Eligibility for both credit unions will be combined. Anyone who was eligible for Pacific membership is now eligible for Arrowhead membership, and vice-versa.

What happens to my accidental death and dismemberment insurance?
If you had a current policy as a Pacific member, it will automatically transfer to your Arrowhead membership.

Branches & ATMS

Which ATMs will I be able to use?
With Arrowhead, you will have fee-free access to all ATMs that are a part of the CO-OP Network.

When will the ATM be available at the branch?
The new ATM is here!

Will the branch stay open?
Yes, the branch will remain open. We plan to expand the hours to Mon-Fri, later this year.

When can I use Arrowhead branches?
Once your membership converts to an Arrowhead membership this summer, you will have access to all of the branches and benefits we offer. Find a branch

Online & Mobile Banking

Do I need a new username and password?
Yes, on June 1, you can setup Online Banking, using the Register button on our homepage, or in the Arrowhead Mobile App, available in the App StoreSM or Google PlayTM.

Where do I login to Online Banking?
You can login on our homepage starting June 1.

How do I get the Mobile Banking app?
The Mobile Banking app is available for Apple devices in the App StoreSM and for Android devices in Google Play™.

You can download it at anytime, but you will not be able to use it until June 1 at 7am.

How do I enroll in eStatements?
You will be able to sign up for eStatements in Online Banking at the time that you set up your username and password.

Where can I see my transaction history?
Your last 18 months of statements will be available in Online Banking, but your transaction history before June 1 will not appear.

Did my alerts convert?
No, we have many alerts you can choose from, you can set them up in Online Banking as of June 1.

Debit Cards

When will I receive my new Arrowhead cards?
Approximately 2 weeks before June 1. Please note, you may activate your card when you receive it, however you cannot use it before June 1 at 7am.

When can I activate my card?
You can activate your card as soon as you receive it, but it will not be available for use until June 1 at 7am.

When will my Pacific FCU cards deactivate?
Your Pacific FCU debit card will deactivate on May 31 at 4pm. Credit cards will deactivate on June 26 at 4pm.

Do I need to update automatic payments?
If your automatic payment is made using your checking or savings account number, it will automatically transfer over.

If it is made using your debit card, you will need to update that vendor with your new debit card.

If your payment is due the first few days in June, we recommend you pay in advance for June.

How do I setup a PIN?
Call (866) 212-4333 to activate it and select your PIN.

What ATMs can I use?     
You can use all the same surcharge-free CO-OP ATMs you've always used, and any Arrowhead ATM.

Other ATMs outside of the CO-OP network, you can use, but may incur a fee.

When can I enroll my in Apple Pay®, Google PayTM, or Samsung Pay®
Great news! You can start using the mobile wallet feature for your Arrowhead debit card on your Apple or Android device as of June 1 for your debit card, and June 27 for your credit card.


Will my direct deposit automatically transfer over?
Yes, your direct deposit will transfer over to your Arrowhead account.

Will I receive new checks? If so, when?
Yes, you will receive 8 starter checks by mid-May. Please remember not to use these until June 1. If you think you’ll need more, please call us at (800) 743-7228.

Will my Pacific FCU checks still work?
Yes, but we encourage you to switch to your Arrowhead checks after June 1. You’ll receive 8 starter checks, but if you would like a box of checks, just let us know – the first one is on us!

Is there a monthly fee for the Arrowhead Checking account?
Arrowhead Checking is fee free with eStatements. Enroll in eStatements by November 30 to waive the $5 monthly fee.

Will my routing number change?
Yes, your new routing number will be 322282603.

How do I find my Arrowhead Checking account number?
It will be included with your Member Guide, which you'll receive mid-May. You can also access your checking account in Online Banking.

What if I want a dividend-earning checking account?
After June 1, call us at (800) 743-7228 and we can convert your Arrowhead Checking into a
Dividend Checking.

Will my checking overdraft from my savings?
Yes, all Arrowhead checking accounts will automatically be set up to overdraft from your savings account*. If you would not like your accounts set up this way, please give us a call at (800) 743-7228, after June 1.

*Applicable fees may occur.

Will my outstanding Pacific FCU checks still clear my account?
Yes, outstanding checks will withdraw from the available funds in your account. We recommend you use your Arrowhead checks after June 1.

Once you start using your Arrowhead checks, you'll be able to see images of your cleared checks within Online and Mobile Banking.


Is a savings account required?
No. If you have an existing savings, it will transfer over to Arrowhead. If you wish to close it, please let us know by calling us at (800) 743-7228 after June 1.

Can I have direct deposit go to my Arrowhead Savings?
Yes, you can have funds direct deposited into your Arrowhead Savings account, use the electronic account number that will be included in your member guide mid-May.

What are your savings rates?   
View our current savings rates here.

What is the minimum account balance requirement?
$5 is required to maintain your Arrowhead Savings account. Maintaining $300+ average balance or a $25 recurring monthly deposit waives the $3 monthly fee. You will have a six-month grace period to meet these requirements. The fee will be instated after November 30.

How do I waive the monthly maintenance fee on my Arrowhead Savings?
With an average balance of $300+ or a $25 or more recurring monthly deposit. See our Fee Schedule for more information.

Please note we will waive the monthly maintenance fee of $3 until November 30. For members age 60 and up, we will automatically waive this monthly fee.

Will recurring transfers between my Pacific FCU accounts carry over to my Arrowhead accounts?
It depends. If you set up the transfer initially in branch or over the phone, it will carry over.

If you set it up in Online Banking, you will need to set it up again in Arrowhead Online Banking.

Credit Cards

When do I have to decide if I want to convert to an Arrowhead Visa®?
You can choose to accept or reject your new Arrowhead Visa by May 27. 

Will my existing balance be at my current rate or my new Arrowhead rate?
If you choose to accept the Arrowhead Visa, your existing balance will remain at your current interest rate. Any future purchases or transfers will be at a variable rate between 10.24% and 25.24% APR. Please refer to your change in terms noticed that was mailed mid-April for your specific rate.

What if I don't want to convert to an Arrowhead Visa?    
You can choose to reject the Arrowhead Visa until May 27 by calling the Diamond Bar branch at (909) 594-1866. Please note that after June 1, this number will automatically reroute to the Arrowhead Call Center.

If you reject the new terms, you will still be responsible for paying your Pacific FCU Visa balance as agreed, but after 4:00pm PDT on June 26, 2022, no additional transactions will be permitted.

Your remaining card balance will continue to be managed under your existing terms.

When will my Pacific FCU credit card(s) deactivate?
Your credit card will deactivate on June 26 at 4:00pm PDT.

Do I need to update automatic payments?
Yes. If an automatic payment is made using your Pacific FCU credit card, we recommend you pay in advance for June. Once your new Arrowhead Visa credit card is activated, you can set up your automatic payments with your new information.

What is the difference between the Arrowhead Visa and my current Visa?
The Arrowhead Visa has no annual fee, balance transfer fee, or cash advance fee. Plus, you'll get your FICO® score free, updated monthly on your statements and a competitive variable rate. Our best rate is currently 10.24% APR.

If you have an Arrowhead Checking account, you can also use your Visa as an overdraft protection source.

Will my payment date change?
Your payment due date will change from the 21st of the month to the 25th.

Can I use my Arrowhead Visa as overdraft for my checking?
Yes, a great feature of the Arrowhead Visa is that you can use it as an overdraft protection source for your checking account.

Starting June 27, you can set this up in Online Banking or call us at (800) 743-7228.

How do I make my Pacific FCU credit card payment after June 1, but before it becomes an Arrowhead Visa?
You can call us at (800) 743-7228 or mail your payment to:

Arrowhead Diamond Bar Branch
750 N Diamond Bar Blvd, Suite 111

Diamond Bar, CA 91765

When will I receive my Arrowhead Visa?
All credit cards will be delivered to you by mail in June.


Will my due date be the same?
Yes, your due date will stay the same. You will be mailed specific information about your loan.

Will my interest rate on my loan be the same?
Yes, your interest rate will be the same on the loan balances that move over. Any new balances will be at our current rates.

Will my loan term be the same?
Yes, your loan term will remain the same.

How do I open a new loan?
You can call us at (800) 743-7228, visit a branch, or apply online starting June 1.

Will my automatic payment carry over?
Any automatic payments from Pacific FCU will transfer over, but if you have any payments set up coming from other institutions, they will not transfer over and you'll need to set them up again.

How do I make my loan payment to Arrowhead?
You can make payments using your Arrowhead account in Online Banking, in a branch or by calling us at (800) 743-7228.

If you’d like to pay your loan online using another financial institution, visit

Will I get loan coupons?
No, we do not provide loan coupons. Payment information will be provided in your statements. If you need help setting up payments, give us a call at (800) 743-7228.

Will I receive updated DMV registration for my auto loan?
Yes, you will receive a new registration card from the DMV showing Arrowhead Credit Union as your lien holder. This will happen automatically, you won’t need to do anything differently.


Will my maturity date and dividend rate change?
No, they will both remain the same.                    

How will this affect my 2022 tax forms?
Your 2022 tax forms will come from Arrowhead, and will include information from your
Pacific FCU accounts.

About Us

We formed to serve the needs of San Bernardino County employees. Over seven decades we’ve grown to more than 170,000 members. More importantly, we've built a reputation of our service and support of the community. 


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