Home Equity interest
payments are generally
tax deductible. Consult your
tax advisor to find out if this
the case for you.

Rates & Fees

Home Equity Loan**
Effective Date: March 2, 2015
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ProgramAPR Range*TermEst. Payment/$1,000 borrowed
Fixed Rate - Primary Residence
75% CLTV - Up to $500K 7.50% - 8.50% 240 Months $8.07 - $8.69
85% CLTV - Up to $50K 8.50% - 9.50% 240 Months $8.69 - $9.33

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Rates valid as of . Terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Rate may vary depending on individual's credit history and underwriting factors.
Lowest payment factor based on lowest rate and highest payment factor based on highest rate.
** Home equity loans and lines of credit require an appraisal. Terms and rate contingent upon home’s appraised value. We will loan up to 85% combined loan to value (CLTV). No down payment required. Equity determined by the amount your home is worth minus the amount owed on the property. Example: home worth $100,000 multiply by 85% loan to value equal $85,000 minus $40,000 owed, equals $45,000 equity available. You can borrow up to 85% of homes value less what you owe. Property insurance is required. The Home Equity Loan is a fixed rate and closed-end term with no annual fee. The Home Equity Line of Credit is an open-ended credit line with a variable rate based on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) prime rate plus a margin with a minimum of 5% APR and annual fee of $60. Your actual rate and/or points may be different, as many factors go into providing you with a mortgage loan. Up to 20 years terms for home equity loans and lines of credit.
Payment example: a 240 month loan at 8.50% APR would have monthly payments of $8.69 per $1,000 borrowed.

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