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Schedule of Fees

Schedule of Fees

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Fee Schedule Effective:

Membership Fee
Membership Fee (Non-refundable) $5 each
Membership Re-Open Fee (Within 30 days) $10 each
Locator Fee (Address Correction) $1/year
Inactivity Fee (after 12 months inactive) $2/month

Savings Accounts
Maintenance Fee
(Fee will not be charged if average daily balance is $300 or more,
or at least one monthly electronic deposit of $25 or more,
or if member is age 17 and under or age 60 and over)

Holiday Club Account
Withdrawals between November 1 and December 31 Free
Withdrawals during first 7 days after the account is opened Free
Withdrawals between January 1 and October 31 $10 each

Special Occasion Savings Account
Withdrawals (1 free per month) $10 each

Money Market Account
Maintenance Fee
(Waived if average daily balance is $2,500 or more)

Checking Accounts
Arrowhead Checking
(Waived with eStatements or average daily balance of $50,000 or more)
Dividend Checking
(Waived if average daily balance is $2,500 or more)
Access Checking $5/month
Photocopy of Check (2 free per statement period) $2 each
Online Check Images Free
Counter Checks $2/set or $0.50 each
Non-Machine Readable Checks $3 each

Stop Payment
CU-Hear, Online Banking $20 each
In Person, Mail, Call Center $26 each

Courtesy Pay/Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)/and Uncollected Funds (UCF) Items
Courtesy Pay / Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) / and Uncollected Funds (UCF) Items $31 each
When the available balance in your account is not enough to pay an item, we may return or courtesy pay the item and charge the $31 fee each time the item is presented. Items may include but are not limited to: Checks, Automated Clearing House (ACH), Priority Payments, Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT), Bill Payments, Automated Teller Machine (ATM),* Point of Sale (POS),* Visa Debit Card* Transactions and/or other preauthorized transactions. 
*Courtesy Pay Fees for ATM, POS and VISA Debit Card items only apply for members who have opted-in for Courtesy Pay.
Courtesy Pay Fee Limit – A maximum of 5 Courtesy Pay fees can be charged in a day per share account. Items that exceed the limit of 5 may still be paid and no fee will be assessed.
Overdrawn Account - No Courtesy Pay Fee is charged if your ending account available balance is overdrawn less than $5.00.
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fees - There is no limit to the number of Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees charged in a day. The NSF fee will be charged each time an item is presented by a merchant or financial institution which could result in multiple fees per item.
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee $3 each

Returned Items
Returned Items
$10 each
Items include Checks, Automated Clearing House (ACH), Priority Payment, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Bill Payments and/or other electronic means. Fee applies to any item returned as not payable regardless of the reason, maker, location or how the item was processed.

Electronic Access Card
Replacement of ATM Card $5 each
Replacement of VISA Debit Card $5 each
ATM Transactions at Arrowhead/CO-OP Locations*
Withdrawals (Courtesy Pay Fee may apply) Free
Deposits, Transfers, Balance Inquiries Free
ATM Transactions at Non Arrowhead/Non CO-OP ATMs*
Withdrawals (Courtesy Pay Fee may apply) $3 each
Transfers, Balance Inquiries Free
Debit Card Signature Transactions (Courtesy Pay Fee may apply) Free
Point of Sale (POS) Transactions* (Courtesy Pay Fee may apply) Free
Empty Envelope Deposit $26 each
Deposit Item Returned – Non Arrowhead ATMs $20 each
Deposit Correction – Non Arrowhead ATMs $5 each
Verification of ATM Transaction
(Plus fee charged by ATM owner/operator)
$3 each
VISA International Service Assessment (ISA) Fee 1% of amount
*Additional fees may be charged by the owner/operator of the ATM or POS and will be disclosed at the time of transaction.

Online Bill Payment
Maintenance Fee (Unlimited Payments) Free
Stop Payment Fee $26 each
Photocopy of Bill Payment Checks $2 each

Wire Transfers
All Incoming Wires Free
Domestic Outgoing $30 each

Cashier’s Check (Payable to third party) $5 each
Photocopy of Cashier’s Check $2 each
Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Credit Union Check $26 each
Money Order $3 each
Loan Payments by Phone (Credit/Debit Card, ACH) $5 each (Temporarily Suspended)
Loan Payments Online (Credit/Debit Card, ACH) $3 each (Temporarily Suspended)
Skip-a-Pay Fee $35 each (Temporarily Suspended)
Deposits by Phone (ACH) $10 each
Deposit of Coin Free
Non-member Cashing Checks Drawn on Arrowhead Account $5/check
Collection Items (Incoming or Outgoing)
(Plus any fee charged by third party)
$15 each
Account History Print Out $3/month
Photocopy of Statement $5 each
Verification of Deposit $5 each
Account Information Letter $5 each
Immigration Letter $25 each
Unclaimed Property Notification $2 each
Response to Subpoenas
(Plus any fee charged by third party)
$20/Hr. ($20 min.)(Additional $0.10 per copy)
Levies: IRS, State, Marshal, etc. $30 each
Research/Account Reconciliation
(Plus any fee charged by third party)
$25/Hr. ($25 min)
Fax Services $3 first page / $1 each additional
Photocopy Services $0.50/page
Notary Fee $10/signature

Safe Deposit Boxes
No longer offered.
The box sizes are at the following annual rate:
3 in x 5 in $45/year
5 in x 5 in $60/year
3 in x 10 in $80/year
5 in x 10 in $100/year
7 in x 10 in $110/year
10 in x 10 in $125/year
Duplicate Key $20 each
Drill Lock Charge (Lost keys, Non-payment) $225
The annual renewal fee will be automatically charged to the Savings or Checking Account of your choice each January.


Accounts are subject to charge off when account balance is negative for 30 days.
Fees are subject to change, at any time, without notice unless required by regulation.
For current fees call (800) 743-7228.

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