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Chips Card Technology

Click Play on the video above for an overview on how chip card technology works.

When can I expect to receive my new Arrowhead chip card?
You will receive a new chip card automatically when your current card expires. If you prefer to have one
sooner, we can print one for you on the spot at any Arrowhead branch.

Business debit and credit card members will receive a new card in the mail prior to the expiration. At this
time business cards cannot be issued at Arrowhead branches, if you need a replacement card please call 
(800) 743-7228 and we will get it to you as quickly as possible. 

What is "Flat Card Techology"?
Flat cards offer increased security because they do not have embossed (raised) numbers and lettering so you don't have to worry about someone taking an impression of your card and using your account fraudulently.
They're also easier to read with less wear and tear because the numbers and letters are printed, not embossed.

How does it change the way I use my card?
At a store: if you are at a terminal that accepts chip cards, you’ll leave the card in the terminal while the transaction processes. If the terminal only accepts a regular magnetic stripe card, then just slide your card as usual. 

At an ATM: when depositing or withdrawing from a chip card enabled ATM, you must insert and leave your card in the ATM while the transaction is in process. Once your transaction is complete you can remove your card.

Will my transactions go through if I don’t have a chip card?
Yes. Merchants who accept chip cards are also set up to accept magnetic stripe cards.

Is there any change in my liability for fraudulent transactions on my account?
No. As always, you are not liable for fraudulent transactions on your account. Please contact us right away at (800) 743-7228 if you suspect fraud on your account.


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