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It's reckless to be checkless.

Access your money how you like, and when you like, with checking solutions from Arrowhead.

Phone depositing check via mobile app


Having your paycheck directly deposited into your checking or savings account means your money is there as soon as possible. 

Finding Your Information

You can split up your check and have specific amounts deposited into different accounts.

Finding Your Information

You can locate your checking account number by logging into online banking, clicking the red gear wheel next to your checking account and choosing Account Details

  • Personal Account Routing Number: 322 282 603
    • Direct Deposit
    • ACH transaction
    • Reorder checks

Download the Form
Fill out this form and give it to your employer to set up direct deposit to your Arrowhead account(s).


Same Day ACH

Changes Coming to Direct Deposit

Arrowhead has long had a practice of posting your direct deposit as soon as we receive it. For many, this means your funds are available the day before your payroll posting date. We will continue to post your direct deposit as soon as we receive it, but we are starting to see a few things that we want to make you aware of.

In September of this year, the organization that governs automatic transfers is adopting a new rule called “Same-Day ACH.” The idea is to allow consumers (regardless of the initiating financial institution) to be able to transfer money more quickly. In preparation for this change, we are starting to see some shifts in the marketplace that may affect your direct deposit. 

With this change, employers will now be able to submit their direct deposit files to their financial instituation later, rather than 2 days early, which is usually the current practice. While most employers will continue to send their files as usual, their financial instituation may no longer pass the file along early, which may result in your direct deposit coming in later.

What is changing

With few exceptions, most employers send their direct deposit file to their financial institution about 2 days before the funds are actually deposited into your account. That financial institution then sends us a file of direct deposits coming to Arrowhead Credit Union.  While most employers are sending their files as usual, their financial institution may no longer be sending the file early. They are holding the file, timing it so that the funds will be delivered to your account on your payroll posting date, not before.


Your direct deposit may start arriving on your payroll date, not the day before. 

We want to share this information with you because we will not know in advance which employers will be affected. Your employer very likely will not know either, because the change happens at their financial institution, which is in no way required to send us their file as soon as they receive it. 


When will this affect your direct deposit?

It can happen any time between now and the end of the year, or possibly never. It depends on your employer and/or their financial institution. 


What should I do?

1. Be aware that this change can happen at any time, possibly without notice.

2. Know when your payroll posting date is (not when you are used to seeing the funds in your Arrowhead account).

3. Adjust your bill payments and automatic payments to come out on or after your payroll posting day.

4. Consider setting up overdraft from your Arrowhead checking to a savings account, credit card, or line of credit.


We know that your direct deposit is incredibly important, which is why we want to keep you informed. Please know that we are here to help. If you have questions or concerns, please call us at (800) 743-7228 or use the secure message feature in Online Banking.



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