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Help With Rising Costs

Controlling Your Costs

With costs rising on almost everything you buy, your budget may be starting to feel the pinch. Here's a few things you can do to help your money go farther.

checkmark  Evaluate Subscriptions
From streaming services to cloud storage to phone apps, you may have subscriptions you’re paying for monthly that you forgot about and no longer use or can eliminate. Take a look at your account for recurring charges to see if there’s any unnecessary services you’re paying for monthly.

checkmark  Think About Pickup Instead of Delivery
Meal and grocery delivery services do offer convenience but those delivery fees and tips add up quickly. Also, they often up-charge the items you’re buying. If you’re using delivery services, try picking up for a bit and see how much you save.

checkmark  Consolidate Your Payments
Consolidating debt into one payment, and possibly a lower rate, may help lower the total monthly payment amount and help payoff debt sooner. Check out the Arrowhead Visa®–it has no balance transfer fees and has great, competitive rates.

checkmark  Refinance Your Loans
Did you know you can refinance your auto loan? Often times people take out an auto loan, and never remember to evaluate the rate or monthly payment again. Rates and your financial picture may have changed since you bought your vehicle. Think about refinancing your auto loan to see if you can lower your rate and/or payment. Helpful tip–if your auto loan isn't already with Arrowhead–we have low competitive rates, and can help you move your auto loan with ease.

It's a good idea to give your home loan a good look-over too. Refinancing your home loan can save with better rates, different terms, eliminating PMI, and more. Our home loan experts at Primary Partners Financial can take a look and let you know if it looks like you can save on your monthly mortgage payment.

checkmark  Make a Budget for Little Expenses
It's easy to freely swipe our debit cards for small expenses like coffee, drive thrus, gas station purchases, and more. Those small purchases can sneakily and quickly add up to one big total. Think about making a budget for the smaller things, not just bills. You could also use a separate account allocated just for “spending” to limit yourself to what you have budgeted. Check out the Arrowhead Spending account for a great option. (Spoiler alert: It has no monthly maintenance fee.)

checkmark  Set Balance Alerts in Digital Banking
Did you know you can set alerts in digital banking? Sign in to set your alert preferences and we’ll notify you via text, email and/or app notifications. Balance alerts can be really helpful to keep you on-budget or avoid overdrawing your account. You can also set up your savings account or a line of credit as overdraft protection to avoid returned items as well.

checkmark  Set Up Automatic Savings Transfers for Emergencies
You may be doing okay on day-to-day expenses, but emergency or unexpected expenses can really throw a budget off course. Setting up automatic transfers into a savings account is a simple way to prevent breaking the budget should an emergency occur.

checkmark  Keep Track of Your FICO® Score
Keeping track of your FICO Score makes an impact on loan rates, existing credit limits, and more. Plus, if you need a loan in the future, better credit = better rates = lower payments. Use free credit monitoring services like or get your FICO Score free monthly on your statement with an Arrowhead Visa.

We Can Help
As an Arrowhead member, you have free access to our personal money coaches for personalized advice and assistance with your financial picture. Plus, you can access self-service online tools that offer expertise and advice for different financial situations.

In an economy that is always changing, it’s important to look out for what you can do to control your finances. Implementing just a few of these things can really help your bottom line. Your financial success is important to us, and we are here to help.

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